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McGraw Hill Green Building Survey

The green building market share is expected to rise 29%-38% by 2016, an $87-$114 billion opportunity

Posted: Jan 22, 2014
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Customers are strongly value-driven. Around two-thirds of builder and remodeler respondents state that customers request green homes or remodeling projects in order to lower their energy use or save money, more than twice any other factor.

Higher first costs for building green are noted by a much lower percentage of builders as an obstacle now than they were reported in 2008.

Key practices and technologies taking over in the residential marketplace as a result of the shift toward green:

More than 80% report that energy efficiency is making today’s homes greener compared to two years ago. Use of energy-efficient features is pervasive in the market - the top practice by nearly all surveyed builders and remodelers, regardless of their level of green building activity.

Indoor air quality is growing in importance and focus for home builders.  60% of home builders believe that efforts to improve indoor air quality make homes greener than they were two years ago, and 95% of high-volume home builders report including features that impact air quality.

More than half of builders and remodelers consider durable materials one of the most important features in their homes today.  In particular, remodelers emphasize this key aspect of their projects.  Durability and better materials are key reasons why green homes and remodeling projects are considered of higher quality.

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